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Asandum offers effective, evidence-based resources designed to help your agency better understand QAPI and implement processes and tracking systems that improve quality and performance. We identify any gaps in Value Base and Critical Home Health and Hospice key performance and improving quality indices. Offer your agency and administrative staff training to ensure OASIS accuracy, improve patient satisfaction and HHCAHPS scores, reduce readmissions, and much more.

Value-Based Delivery Models

  • As home health agencies face increased pressure to move toward value-based delivery models, developing, implementing, and maintaining an effective QAPI program is essential. In our new guide we share specific clinician- and patient-focused strategies and resources to help your agency improve metrics in eight key areas that commonly appear on payer scorecards.
  • •  Best practice recommendations for implementing targeted performance improvement projects
    •  Fundamental strategies and resources for improving quality scores
    •  How improving quality outcomes can increase revenue

Connecting Met and Unmet Goals Back to Restart the PI Process

  • HHVBP is finally here, and the clock is ticking to make quality improvements so you can benefit from the 5% rate increase in the first payment year of 2025.
    Learn or we implement the continuous, three-step feedback loop, agencies can remediate gaps in clinical competency of frontline staff, enhance care delivery, and improve outcomes in all areas of focus under HHVBP. 
    • •  How to create a feedback loop
    • •  How to streamline your feed scores
    • •  The benefits of an effective feedback loop on your agency
    • •  How improving quality outcomes can increase revenue

Translating QAPI Program into Progress/Evidence Improvement

  • A QAPI Inculcating the QAPI Mindset for your agency staff
  • Running a measures improvement QAPI program ensures that your agency achieves and maintain is quality_focused and can always answer these pertinent facts:
    • •  How to connect clinician’s daily work to HHVBP Measures
    • •  How to Maintain the QAPI-driven Mindset
    • •  How to identify gaps in daily work activities and connect them to reporting and tracking improvement areas.
    • •  How to Mitigate poor outcomes while keeping clinicians engaged and Performing at their peak