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Asandum Business Solutions is a HealthCare Business Consulting company with proven expertise in interdisciplinary, patient-centered care management to assist you in gaining control of your healthcare business. With professional accountability, leadership, fiscal responsibility, integrity, evidenced-based clinical practice strategies, and regulatory expertise, we are committed to customizing your business according to the required standards. We build processes that integrate all systems of your business to ensure the smooth running of your HealthCare Business.


  • The founder of Asandum Business Solutions is a clinical nurse with over 37 years of experience as an owner and past administrator of several healthcare businesses, ranging from Pharmacies, DME, Home Care, Home Health, Hospice, and Case Management. As the founder, she serves as the Chief Operations Officer and Lead Consultant of Asandum Business Solutions, where she has an integral role in compliant product and clinical resource development.

  • The founder holds several qualifications, including an RN, MSN, CNL, and DSL. She pursued her BSC in Microbiology at Howard University. She completed coursework in Biostatistics at George Washington University, ultimately earning a master’s degree in nursing from the University of Maryland, Baltimore. In addition, she graduated with a Doctorate in Strategic Leadership from Regent University.


  • With her extensive 37 years of professional experience, the founder of Asandum Business Solutions possesses a profound understanding of healthcare business administration and development. Her expertise allows her to seamlessly navigate various levels of healthcare businesses and deliver successful turnaround strategies. She specializes in assisting healthcare businesses and organizations that struggle with inert owners lacking direction after licensing or those unsure how to begin their operations. Additionally, she aids those who have encountered challenges due to incorrect initial steps, resulting in overwhelming deficiencies and debts that put their businesses at risk of collapse.


  • Recognizing the difficulties associated with limited capital, she is well-versed in the unique challenges of running a healthcare business without the resources to attract and retain top-tier clinical and administrative staff. Her insights and solutions cater specifically to these constraints, providing valuable guidance in optimizing operations and achieving sustainable growth..
  • Asandum Business Solutions offers services during the critical start-up phase or at any challenging juncture throughout the healthcare process. Contrary to popular belief, the healthcare business does not have to be an insurmountable task. It simply requires a correct initial setup and the implementation of effective systems and processes that prioritize quality, compliance, and patient-centeredness.

  • Regardless of the stage at which Asandum is involved, be it acquiring licensing, addressing survey responses, identifying deficiencies, or managing growth while maintaining compliance and quality, our affordable and comprehensive approach ensures that you begin on the right foot and can adapt and scale your operations to accommodate various levels of growth.
  • At Asandum, we recognize that every business is unique, with its distinct challenges and objectives. Whether you are an executive seeking a consultancy to support your existing healthcare business or embarking on a new venture in the healthcare industry, we want you to know that our primary focus is on you and your specific needs, goals, and future aspirations.

  • Asandum serves as your premier partner, providing comprehensive consulting services designed to empower you in effectively managing and operating your business. Our solutions are grounded in practicality, yielding tangible and measurable results. With expertise spanning planning, design, management, procedures, policy development, and client care within the healthcare industry, we have established a commendable reputation for our work. Our team comprises highly experienced professionals dedicated to elevating your business to a whole new level.