Healthcare Business Consultant


Operational Consulting

Efficient operational management is a crucial factor in the success of every healthcare organization. At Asandum, we offer a team of highly experienced professionals who possess comprehensive expertise in all facets of healthcare business operations. This includes supply chain management, revenue cycle management, staffing optimization, and more. Collaborating closely with our clients, our team identifies specific areas that require improvement and implements tailored strategies to enhance efficiency, minimize costs, and elevate the overall quality of care. We aim to empower healthcare organizations with effective operational solutions that drive sustainable success and positive outcomes.


  • •  Determine the optimal staffing levels required to meet organizational goals and objectives.
    •  Evaluate current staffing levels and identify any gaps or redundancies.
    •  Use workload analysis to determine staffing needs based on the volume and complexity of work.
    •  Develop and implement a staffing plan to address any gaps or redundancies.
    •  Use technology to support staffing optimization efforts, such as workforce planning software or scheduling tools.


  • •  Establish clear performance goals and expectations for employees.
    •  Use data and metrics to evaluate employee performance against established goals and expectations.
    •  Provide regular feedback and coaching to employees to support their development and improvement.
    •  Use performance evaluations to provide formal feedback and document employee performance.
    •  Develop and implement performance improvement plans for employees not meeting performance expectations.


  • •  Identify processes that require improvement.
    •  Analyze the current process to determine areas for improvement.
    •  Use data and metrics to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the process.
    •  Identify bottlenecks, waste, and other inefficiencies in the process.
    •  Develop and implement a plan for process improvement.
  • At Asandum, we prioritize a collaborative approach, working closely with our clients to gain a deep understanding of their distinct needs and challenges. Our primary objective is to assist healthcare organizations in improving operations, reducing costs, and ultimately delivering enhanced patient care.
  • We are dedicated to helping healthcare organizations reach their goals and overcome challenges. Our team of experienced operational consultants offers comprehensive assessments to identify areas for improvement across revenue cycle processes, referral management, staffing and workflow, organizational structure, service delivery models, growth strategies, data management, and technology integration.

Our operational consulting services are designed to cater to your organization's unique needs. Whether it involves addressing issues that impede the revenue cycle, adapting to new regulatory requirements, establishing effective communication between billers and clinicians under PDGM, or optimizing the intake process for optimal performance, we provide tailored solutions. Our comprehensive suite of services includes resources and expertise for healthcare industry start-ups, assessments of all operational aspects, evaluation and corrective plans for specific issues, process engineering, technology optimization, interim management and staffing services, and more.